Lakeland Multicultural Association

Around the World For $30

The Lakeland Multicultural Association is celebrating the 2020 Multiculturalism Day by sharing traditional cooking and recipes from different parts and different cultures!

Join us by sharing your best recipes from your family to bring out the cultural diversity of the region with a touch of family traditions!

Share your best recipes through a video of you making it, or share pictures of the dish at different stages of the cooking.

We are looking for dishes that use at least 80% of the ingredients and spices that are available locally with a total cost of under $30 (for serving of two).

See a recipe that peaks your interest? Send us a picture of you trying it out!
Share in your posting where you picked up the ingredients, to make it easier for people to try making it at home.

The videos will be shared on the LMA social media platforms between June 27 to July 1.
PLUS, your chance to win a $50 giftcard to No Frills (Lorraine’s Cold Lake)! Simply submit a recipe, AND/OR send us a picture of video of you trying one of the posted recipes!
Draw will be help on July 1, 2020

If you need help taking videos, or need assistance planning your submission, we are here to help! Reach out to us using any of the contact below.