Lakeland Multicultural Association

Diwali Dance Challenge Nov 2022



The Lakeland Multicultural Association is hosting a Diwali dance challenge as part of the Cold Lake Diwali 2022 celebration. LMA welcomes your school to submit a video for evaluation by LMA organisers in Phase 1 of the Dance challenge. The best three teams will advance to Phase 2, where they will have the opportunity to perform live at the event and compete for a $500 award from a Diwali event sponsor.

The following are the eligibility criteria for students:

  • Students must be in Grade 3 and attend one of the Lakeland area schools. Grade 3 was chosen since one of their emphasis areas is culture.
  • The students must be available to participate onstage on November 19 during the event.
  • The participating school is responsible for providing a teacher for submitting the video as well as a chaperone for the Diwali event performance.


LMA will provide audio track and sample video for schools to get a sense of the desired performance, which must include a heavy emphasis on Bollywood-style dances. Schools interested in participating in the challenge must indicate their interest by email in response to the LMA request for submissions. LMA board members and event organisers can answer inquiries, but they cannot personally coach students. The school must submit a video of their Phase 1 entries to LMA for evaluation by the date listed below. LMA will evaluate the video performance and rate the top three school performances in Phase 1. The top three teams will each get $100 from the LMA sponsor and will compete for the main prize of $500 at the Diwali 2022 event in Phase 2. The score and other specifics are provided below.

Rules, Deadlines & Scoring

The performances will be judged on the below criteria:

  • Choreography
  • Timing and Rhythm
  • Enthusiasm
  • Dressing
    • Traditional attire is not essential, and schools are permitted to dress kids in clothing that is both comfortable and accessible. Cohesive outfits and vivid colours are welcomed and will get you more points in the judging.

Imagery Waiver

LMA will utilise the photographs and videos captured as part of the challenge for the Diwali 2022 event, as well as for additional promotional reasons following the event. It will be the responsibility of the participating schools to obtain picture release waivers for the students participating in the challenge.